Asset Tracker for Networks

Asset Tracker for Networks is an inventory software tool intended to audit software and hardware components installed on the computers over the network. This asset management tool will collect your network inventory information, provide the Network Administrator with the detailed comprehensive reports and allow to export assets details to external storages, such as SQL database or web site.

Inventories ALL computer components
This inventory software program will collect the following information about the user workstation in your network:

Computer serial number and manufacturer information
Operating system
Processor, memory and hard disk drives information
Installed software
WinSock information: TCP/IP addresses, host names, etc
Installed printers
Video subsystem
Installed devices
Network adapters, network shares
Local user accounts
Logged on user, operating environment
BIOS information
Motherboard information
And much more…
Generates inventory reports
This inventory software will provide you with the printable comprehensive reports:

General Workstation information report
Installed software report
Software licenses report
Workstations operating systems report
Workstations memory report
Workstations processors report
Exports inventory information
Asset Tracker for Networks will export collected inventory information to various information storages, including:

Any ODBC compatible database
“Comma-separated values” (CSV) files
Web site
Text files
Microsoft Excel spreadsheet