Nvidia ForceWare 78.01 WHQL Certified VGA Drivers

H Nvidia ανακοίνωσε (2-9-2005) την κυκλοφορία νέων οδηγών, για κάρτες γραφικών που φέρουν chipset της εταιρείας.

Τα καινούργια χαρακτηριστικά είναι:
# ForceWare 78.01 adds support for GeForce 6500 only. There are no additional driver updates in 78.01 since 77.77.
# SLI support for GeForce 6600 and GeForce 6600 LE
# New SLI rendering mode (SLI Antialiasing) for increased antialiasing performance
# Broader SLI optimizations and validation for the latest games
# Resolved SLI Antialiasing issues with some applications and generating screen shots. For a full list of other issues resolved, please view the driver release notes.
# Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.0 support

Λήψη οδηγών για Windows XP/2000

Λήψη οδηγών για Windows 95/98/ME

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