Gadget-τάκι διαίτης!!!

Diet Nanny Loose Weightwatcher Talking Alarm

Αφιερωμένο εξαιρετικά στο Δημήτρη. Ενδύκνειται για καθιστικούς…..

Weak willed when it comes to food ?? Let Diet Nanny bring some discipline to your life.

Diet Nanny, will catch you out wherever temptation lies !!

To eat, or not to eat that is the question, let Diet Nanny decide. She will keep you on track with 6 random messages of encouraging words ……… or a telling off !!!

Simply place her where temptation lies; in the fridge, biscuit tin, or even the drinks cabinet ………….. then when you open the door SHE SPRINGS INTO LIFE !!

Batteries are included. Comes with full operational instructions, and is beautifully presented in a smart window gift box.